Christmas Drawing

Christmas Drawing – Misiol & Myszol

It’s time for another Procreate Christmas drawing :). This one is dedicated to my dear friends Misiol & Myszol. In 20 days Myszol will have a birthday so I wanted to make something special for them. They will come to visit me on the island Losinj where I prepared a big surprise for them. I decorated a lovely Christmas tree and made hand-made presents for them. They will join me in a warm home where we’ll play music, dance and eat vegan pizza and cakes. Hope they will enjoy it.

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Christmas Illustration

Christmas Illustration for Monkey 🐵 & The Furry Family 🐾

Yeeei, it’s finally Friday and the weekend is coming :). I’m not that much into the Christmas myself but I know u all enjoy it. This is why I decided to draw Christmas illustrations for you in Procreate. This one is dedicated to my lovely friends from Melbourne Monkey 🐵 & The Furry Family 🐾. Monkey came to visit me on my secret island and I prepared a big surprise for him. A lovely Christmas tree full of presents and a warm home where we can play, watch the dolphins swim and relax on the sun. Shhh, I also baked some Christmas vegan cakes for him. Hope he will like it.

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Sunny Monkey Illustration

Sunny Monkey Illustration

Here we go, a new Procreate illustration for my cute friend Sunny Monkey – Обезьянка. My little friend joined me on my secret island and we had so much fun together. We swam in the clear blue sea and talked with many wonderful sea creatures. We even visited hidden beaches with the kayak and relax in the sun 💚. Oh and we ate lots of vegan food too 😄.

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Summer Illustration - Sammy

Procreate Illustration – Sammy

Let’s continue with the summer illustrations for my friends. This one is made with Procreate and it’s dedicated to my lovely friend Sammy The Bear. Sammy loves to travel so he decided to visit me on my small secret island where we had so much fun swimming and kayaking. Sammy’s favorite activity was relaxing time on this cute pink flamingo. He enjoyed floating around the island. Hope he’ll visit me soon again :).

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