Lanta Animal Welfare Illustration

After a week of island life, I’ve found the best place here so far 💚. It is a Lanta Animal Welfare organization, a lovely place and home for many homeless, abused and injured street dogs and street cats on Koh Lanta. This Procreate illustration is inspired with this lovely place.

First, when we arrived we decided to help a bit and we went for a walk with 2 adorable dogs Olive and Kao. Kao is a cute girl that was found with a horrific foot injury that her former “owner” had left to fester. The only way to prevent the infection from spreading throughout her body was amputation. But now she is walking normally, she is very friendly and playful. And much faster than me 😂. Olive is a very sweet and independent lady. She was rescued from PakMeng on the mainland with her sisters. They were living in a rubbish dump and were trying to survive by eating garbage.

Lanta Animal Welfare

My humans helped me to walk with these lovely ladies. We went for a lovely walk in nature and had so much fun together. After that, we went on a guided tour to get to know more about this amazing place and at the end, I bought a lovely dress for my human to support this place. During our smoothie break, I also cuddled with cats. They were all so sweet and friendly 💚 .

Lanta Animal Welfare

If u are staying in Koh Lanta make sure to visit these lovely place. They appreciate all support they can get and you can have a great time walking these adorable dogs.

Lanta Animal Welfare
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