Plushies helping Plushies

Today’s illustration is dedicated to my dear friends Plushie Wear and their project “Plushies helping Plushies”. They are dedicated to providing custom and resale clothing to plushies of all sizes. Besides, they are rescuing plushies & finding them a new home!

Twin brothers, Froggie and Gator wanted to create something amazing and offer cool clothes customised just for us plushies. And guess what? They made it! Together with their humans they are helping plushies feel special. Check their lovely clothes here . In the near feature we’ll work together to offer you something beary unique. Stay tuned!

Their second project is Adoptable Plushie Wear Rescue!  They are rescuing plushies who are abandoned, abused, mistreated, in need of medical attention and often times lonely.  They take them at Plushie Wear Ranch, give them a full Spa Treatment and Medical Evaluation, offering medical attention when needed, before helping to find them loving homes.  There is a small “adoption” fee to pay and shipping costs to get the rescued plushie to the adopted family. To get more info about the project & to give a lovely home to your new family member, please navigate here.

Plushie Wear

Oh, one more thing to mention,  a portion of the proceeds for Plushie Wear and Plushie Wear Rescue / Adoptables goes directly to help a plushie-supported charity or a plushie family in need. Thank you beary much for doing such a great things, I’m soo happy to have you in my life!

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