Teddy Castle Bangkok

Teddy Castle Bangkok – The Plushies Paradise

I’ve found the place where my dreams came true and I’m sure you will like it too. It is located in the small, side street named Thong Lo in Bangkok and it’s the most beautiful teddy castle. Right at the entrance, a few cute bears will welcome you and tell you the story about this magical place. 

When I entered teddy castle I was living my own dream….teddies everywhere. I couldn’t believe what I see, the most amazing place I’ve ever visited. It was like a beary fairytale playing right in front of me. The interior is like an old castle decorated with lovely flowers, Christmas decorations ( as it is Christmas time now) and full of lovely singing teddy bears. 

They were so welcoming and asked me to take photos with them. Then they told me their stories, where they came from and how they’ve found this castle. They told me that they are very happy there and have many friends. Most of all they like to cuddle a lot and eat sweets. Sounds familiar?

Teddy Castle Bangkok

On the second floor, they have a workshop where you can create your own piece of art mentored by a few very kind and talented bears.

They even have a cute little bar and tables to sit, drink and eat some beary food. I even got a present, a lovely pink pen. 

If you are looking for a magical place to spend some time in Bangkok,  I really recommend you visiting the Teddy Castle. You can enjoy your time playing with teddies, eating some yummy food, taking photos and buying lovely outfits. 

Website: https://teddy-castle-cafe.business.site/?hl=en

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/teddyhouse_thailand/?hl=en


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