Wapuu Sparrow – WordCamp Europe Belgrade

Tomorrow I am travelling to Belgrade for a week. I am going to visit my friends and I’ll also attend the largest conference dedicated to everything related to WordPress, the WordCamp Europe 2018.

Between unpacking my things from my last journey and packing my things again for this next one I had a bit of time to make a special Wapuu Sparrow illustration. Maybe you wonder who or what is Wapuu!? Wapuu is a lovely WordPress mascot.

Belgrade Sparrow

While reading about my next destination I discovered that a little bird called sparrow is a symbol of Belgrade. That was just what I needed to inspire my next drawing. A Sparrow Wapuu or a Sparruu as we pet named it:). After creating a few sketches and different ideas I decided to go with this one. A yellow Wapuu with some red and blue colour accents and little sparrow wings. Red and blue are colours of the Belgrade flag and a letter W on his belly represents WordPress.

This illustration is dedicated to WordCamp Europe 2018, to Belgrade as its host and to all people involved, organization team, volunteers, speakers, sponsors…to my friends in the WordPress community. Thank you for making this world a better place :)! See u there 🙂

Wapuu Sparrow

Wapuu Sparrow

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