Save The Rhino Illustration

I hope you’ve had a great start into the new week. I’ve started my week with this cute Save The Rhino illustration as a new sequel of my “Save The Animals” project. Let me tell you more about this project. Can you imagine a world where all animals are treated with respect and have a possibility to live lives they suppose to live? I started this project on Instagram by drawing different animals and sharing different stories.

This Save The Rhino illustration is dedicated to my dear friend Luna.

Her human wrote great article about a problem that Rhinos are experiencing. Please check out here:

If you just think for a moment and realize that rhinos might not be here for the next generation to see, what would you say? “What a sad world”, would be my first thought. Rhinos are highly intelligent, sentient beings just like us. However, they are poached for horns, hunted for sport and killed due to the ever-growing human demand for land and resources.

Save The Rhino Illustration

Let’s do something together and make this world a better place. By creating these illustrations, I would like to draw attention to the issues many animal species encounter on a daily basis and human cruelty towards animals that are mostly fueled by pure greed.

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