Vegan Pancakes

Vegan Pancakes

This has always been one of Marko’s favourite recipes, he just loves pancakes! He could eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner, everyday.

The best thing about them is that they are delicious, but much healthier than the standard pancakes! If you can’t live without Nutella, I prepared healthier vegan chocolate creme to replace Nutella and to make this pancakes a perfect fit for everyone.

This is a very easy recipe, it takes literally five minutes to put it together.

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Tropical Vegan Shake

Tropical Vegan Shake

Summer’s in full swing — it’s hot and you’re thirsty and hungry? Well, I have a special and refreshing summer treat for you. It’s vegan, dairy-free and packed with healthy ingredients. This tropical vegan shake will provide energy and your tummy will be happy for many hours. For me, it’s hard to resist such an offer during these hot summer days.

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Gluten Free Vegan Cake

Gluten-Free Vegan Cake

Today in Bubi’s kitchen, a new gluten-free vegan cake. It started as an experiment and ended up as a really good cake. I tried to avoid using white flour, so I replaced it by using the vegetal version, chickpeas flour. Apples are giving some natural sweetness, eggs are replaced by applesauce and raspberries give sour tune to the cake. My bear belly is very happy at the moment.

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Juicing Time

Juice retreat

Let’s juice it! My favourite thing to do in the kitchen is juicing. It is pretty easy and quick. It is also my preferred way of consuming large quantities of vegetables and fruits that keep me energized the whole day. Juices make me feel healthy and they’re good for my fluffy fur too. It just takes a few minutes to prepare, but it does magic for your body.

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Quinoa Salad

Vegan Quinoa Salad

This new recipe in Bubi’s kitchen is my favorite vegan quinoa salad. I love doing experiments with food and very often it ends up with some good and edible results :). One of my successful experiments is this awesome and refreshing salad, packed with all nutrients your body needs. This vegan quinoa salad is very light and delicious. It’s made easily with berries, bananas, pomegranate and lime dressing.

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Vegan Soup

Vegan Soup with Cauliflower

This is my favorite vegan soup, I absolutely love it. It couldn’t be any easier to make it and it’s very healthy. Doing this recipe I’m not using any kind of oil, just cauliflower boiled with onions in water. My favorite way to serve this soup is with a homemade bread. Sprinkle it with some hemp seeds and you’ll have a perfect little meal!

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