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My name is Bubi and I’m a happy teddy bear. I’m a dreamer and with my drawings, recipes, photography and many other things that I do I’m trying to make the world a better place. Here on my website, I want to share my journey with you, inspire you and make you smile.

Bubi The Bear “Big heart and an open mind…
that’s all we need!”

Bubi The Bear


Smoothie Recipe

My Recipes

Have you ever heard of a bear who doesn’t like to eat…hmm?
I guess we all like a good meal, a good smoothie or a delicious dessert.

As I deeply love and respect animals & nature I am eating and preparing only vegan food. However, even if you’re not vegan these vegan recipes will bring some delicious moments to your life or inspire you to create and try new meals. Dare to try?

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Lottie Cute Giraffe

My Illustrations

The last couple of months I started learning how to draw and paint. Phew, you can imagine, not an easy task for a little bear like me. I started with various tutorials and now I am taking courses on Skillshare.

I love to draw and paint cute, little and funny animals, but I also try to make a difference by creating illustrations to draw attention to the real issues of the world. Are you curious?

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Losinj-Sun and Sea

My Photography

If you follow me on Instagram then you already know how much I like to take photos of nature, food and myself enjoying both of these :).

With every photo I try to capture a special moment and tell a story of how I see the world. Some photos will make you laugh, some might make you drool :), but they are all filled with positive energy and will definitely make you feel better.

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