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I hope you’ve had a great start into the new week. I’ve started my week with the “Save The Turtles” illustration and I’m so excited as I have someone really special that will tell you the story that inspired me to do it. His name is Ricky and he is a brave and smart little turtle. Did you know that 6 out of 7 known species of sea turtles are critically endangered? Let’s listen, Ricky will share his story and reveal why we are encountering this problem today.

Ricky’s Story

Ricky TurtleRicky: “Hey guys, hope you are ready for a turtle adventure? Let’s start, we turtles live on this planet called Earth more than 215 million years. Pretty good ha! We even survived weather changes which killed many other species. Who would ever guess, we would manage to survive for so long, but we did. Especially as we are not able to hide our heads and legs inside our shell which makes us more vulnerable when predators want to hurt us.

Ocean is our home

We are spending most of our times in the ocean, our sweet and lovely ocean. This is our home, a place where we are playing fun games, dancing, having friends…and all these crazy things u all do ;). Oh, and how I love the ocean, clean and blue water. Unfortunately lately we are having a hard time to survive. Our ocean is getting more and more polluted every day and climate change doesn’t make it any easier for us either.

Besides that, there are many people still throwing garbage into the ocean. Often turtle eats a plastic bag in the water because it looks like a jellyfish and this is a big problem as it easily kills the turtle.
Please don’t throw plastic bags into the ocean! Our beautiful ocean is not a place for garbage and plastic. It is a home of many beautiful sea creatures just like your home is to you. Do you throw plastic bags and garbage in your living room?

Last year I’ve also lost more than 4,600 friends and family members due to fishing. Some were wrapped in the fishnets and died and some were hooked on bait lines set for fish. Sorry but I need to stop for the moment, as it is just too sad for me. Crying every day is a part of my life but I’ll never give up fighting for our lives. Can you help me?

How to help us

  • Did you know that one of the main threats we are facing is the destruction of our habitats? Trends in development along coastlines are destroying nesting beaches and female turtles are not able to lay their eggs. If you are able to make an impact I would appreciate it a lot.
  • Save us from the mean poachers who are killing us because of our meat and shells. They are also taking our eggs from our nests cause in some cultures this is a delicacy. Can you believe this? Please share this with your friends and try to help us fight these bad people.
  • We all know, climate change exists and it is real. It is causing sea levels to rise which can also damage and destroy nesting beaches. Get informed about climate change and inform people around you.
  • Don’t throw plastic bags and garbage into the ocean! Every time you go to the beach try to collect a few pieces of garbage you find there and take it to the dedicated disposal. Try to educate your family and friends to do the same.
  • Help us reduce illegal fishing and promote sustainable fishing practices. We need to get to the surface to take some air, and sometimes my friends get caught up in fishing gear and they die. Please help me save my friends and family. They are as cute and lovely as u are!

Every donation counts

If you want to donate and save the Earth and turtles, check out these organizations:

2. Maldives Sea Turtle Conservation
3. Mali Losinj Sea Turtle Rescue Center

Thank you for reading my story and I hope we can be friends. Please help me save the turtles! Thank you!

Yours Ricky

Save The Turtles

By creating this “Save The Turtles” illustration, I would like to draw attention to the cruelty that animals are exposed every single day due to human greed and ignorance. The idea is to involve u too. Post anything dedicated to the animals on Instagram with the hashtag #bubithebearlovesanimals 💚. If you like this one, check out my other illustrations here.

If you know any trustful non-profit organization that is helping to save the turtles please let me know in the comments below.

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