Mother Earth

Mother Earth

How often do we hear the phrase “Mother Earth” related to our beautiful and only planet!? Very often, I’d say, but does that really mean something or is it just an empty phrase?

Mother, to me, is someone that enabled us to experience life, someone we love and care about. In reality, it seems that, “Evil Stepmother” would be more appropriate term considering the ways we’re acting towards our only home. We really are treating it as an evil stepmother.

So many things these days seem to be more important than the wellbeing of our planet and the wonderful variety of leaving beings we share this planet with. Profits, politics, nationality, religion, race…is it really more important than the future of our planet?

I’d say our “Mother Earth” loves us all equally, no matter what species, race, religion or political side we belong. She really doesn’t care about any of it, just like any good mother wouldn’t care.

Isn’t it time we finally do the same in return? Let’s treat our Mother Earth with love and respect she deserves. Being nice to our planet and all living beings on it doesn’t take anything away from us, it actually makes us better in every possible way.

Today’s illustration is dedicated to “Mother Earth” and is inspired by the great new documentary End Game 2050

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