Under The Sea Illustration

Under the sea…Under the sea…let’s start this sunny day with my favourite song from “The Little Mermaid” movie. It’s not hard to guess what inspired me to create this watercolour illustration ;).

Do you remember that story about the little turtle Ricky? In the meantime, he found some new friends, a colourful and sweet octopus Lily & a little and cute seahorse Leo. Three fellows made a plan for the new adventure called “Save The Oceans” that starts tomorrow. During the next two months, they will try to help and save their little friends and clean the oceans. Pheew, hard time is waiting for this brave & smart troupe! The best of all, you can join in and help them in their quest to save the oceans! And don’t forget that every little deed counts. Thank you!

Under The Sea

Under The Sea

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