Goodbye, my dear Maisha

How to put into words something that is beyond words, beyond logic? A sudden senseless loss of someone that is full of life, kind, gentle, and generous.

The late Dame Daphne Sheldrick once said that raising orphaned elephants is a “cocktail of joy, tempered with a good dose of tears.”

Tears are what’s on right now. My beloved Maisha left our world to join Luggard and Merru in the great beyond. Maisha was the first elephant I ever adopted, a real sweetheart.

I followed her journey for three years, three beautiful years during which she went from a skinny little calf to a mini-matriarch of the Nairobi nursery herd. Seeing her taking care of the younger orphans and being like a mother figure to some at only 3 years of age was a privilege.

My wish was to see her again one day taking care of her own young. She would make such a lovely mother. Last month when she graduated to the Ithumba reintegration unit I was so happy and proud. It was the beginning of the last phase of reintegrating Maisha back into the wild.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be. Only a month after she graduated she suddenly got very ill. Everyone was shocked and nobody knew what’s wrong. They said they’ve never seen anything like it. I’m sure they’ve tried everything possible to help her, but on Saturday 26th of June, Maisha closed her beautiful eyes forever.

I’m heartbroken and still can’t believe that it really happened.

Goodbye, my dear Maisha, I’ll miss you.

Stay kind my friends.

For the full story please check Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

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